Demi Lovato tells Kelly Clarkson that it was her first growing idol

Demi Lovato fell for Kelly Clarkson’s show Wednesday (June 23) and it’s safe to say the conversation was a festival of mutual love with host Kelly Clarkson.

First the American idol The winner mentioned Lovato’s open nature regarding mental health, saying, “I love how open you are about mental health because I have similar issues and suffer from depression … I love that you are open about it because I don’t everyone is so vulnerable to be like this, and I think it’s helpful for your fans … and knowing that someone else is going through that makes you feel not alone and so depressed about it. So thanks for doing it, it’s really difficult. “

However, Lovato was quick to return the compliment, telling Clarkson that she was the first “idol” she had as a child. “It wouldn’t be the artist, or even the person, that I’m so open and vulnerable and brave if I hadn’t had to admire,” Lovato told her fellow pop star. “So I thank you for that because … I saw you as my idol as you grew up. You are brave and brave and real like … you know? And I love that about you. When I was younger, I always thought, ‘If any Once I get it, I want to be like her because she’s real and genuine. ‘”

Always humble with multiple scripts, Clarkson accepted Lovato’s effusive praise with her distinctive grace, admitting that she is far from the way the younger singer describes every day.

“I’m not there all the time! It takes work,” said the host. “I think that’s the question, everyone looks at us like, even when you get past something like, ‘OK, she’s already gotten over that.’ And I say, ‘No, no, no. That’s a daily effort in, like, trying to Be positive. That is a daily effort. That is not a fact, as if you had overcome it and went to some magic therapy session and it is over. I think that is something daily in what you work and something daily in what I work. I don’t know, thanks for the compliments, but I think it’s something really cool and it’s not easy to always have a focus on you and arrows pointing at you. Especially when you’re vulnerable and you give people more ammo for all the trolls out there. ” .

During the chat, Lovato also spoke about supporting Black Lives Matter and how he is using his platform to be an effective ally of the movement.

Check out the sweet pop star back and forth with Clarkson below.