Decreased odor, taste of COVID-19 infection is a ‘reliable’ indicator, study shows

A new study from outside the UK has found that loss of smell or taste is a “very reliable” indicator that someone has contracted Covid-19.

While there are definitely other possible causes for a person’s loss of smell or taste, given the current epidemic, researchers say people who experience these symptoms should self-quarantine and get tested – even if they don’t have other symptoms of the virus.

Chuck Fletcher is one of 7.5 million Americans infected with the virus – even though he always prides himself on staying healthy. Fletcher says he has never had the flu.

But after contracting with COVID-19, Fletcher suffered from shortness of breath, abdominal pain and lost his sense of smell and taste.

“I noticed that everything my wife was pushing under the door for me didn’t start to taste very well,” Fletcher said.

According to Justin Turner, a doctor and medical director at Vanderbilt University’s Aroma and Taste Center, about 50% -70% of patients with COVID-19 will lose part or all of their sense of smell and / or taste.

Turner says that for up to 25% of patients with Covid-19, loss of smell and taste may be the first – and sometimes only – sign of infection. According to Dr. Cutter, loss of smell and taste can precede fever, cough and other symptoms associated with the disease.

The symptom has a silver lining: A study from the University of California San Diego Health found that patients who lose their sense of smell and taste may only have mild to moderate symptoms of Covid-1 of.

The loss of smell and taste lasts for months after COVID-19 infection; It is often the last symptom to solve. Some survivors have turned to “odor therapy” to speed up the process.

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