Daniel Jones has been strengthened before the 2020 campaign

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is improving his overall frame with his second season (hopefully) just around the corner.

Daniel Jones wasn’t perfect last year, but how many rookie quarterbacks are there really in the NFL? The young New York Giants hit impressive numbers (3,027 passing yards and 24 touchdowns), but actually experienced a few missteps. His clumsiness issues were more prominent as he coughed 18 balls and lost 11. Not to mention that he also missed a couple of games later in the year after suffering a high ankle sprain.

But the good thing about Jones is that he is smart; He knows what needs to be improved and is aware of the problems that need to be fixed. Therefore, before his second NFL campaign, the 23-year-old is working on his overall framework.

“It will look shorter [this year]”QB Country employee of the quarterback training company and former Duke quarterback Anthony Boone, who worked with Jones this offseason, recently told Paul Schwartz of the New York Post.

“He has done a good job putting together a good physique,” he added. “At the end of the day, I wanted to get stronger and have a little more meat on my bones, but still be able to run and move and be on the field all the time. No, ‘I have put on too much weight and now I am short of breath.’ His was to make sure he could stay mobile, agile, and be on the field all the time. “

Jones is entering a crucial season with an unusual offseason before arriving. He and the team that wrote it in 2019 had to undergo meetings through a virtual environment, a task that is difficult in itself, but even more difficult with a mostly new coaching staff. Jones will work alongside a new head coach at Joe Judge, a new offensive coordinator at Jason Garrett, and a new quarterback coach at Jerry Schuplinski during the 2020 season.

The Giants made great progress in building around their young quarterback in the past two months, an overall move they had to make. Big Blue improved the short and long-term status of the offensive line with the selections of tackle Andrew Thomas, tackle Matt Peart and guard Shane Lemieux respectively in the first, third and fifth rounds.

These acquisitions should go a long way when it comes to Jones’ development. Last year, he took 38 sacks, which certainly contributed to his rotation problems.