Cuomo says the NYC deficit is ‘Donald Trump’s loss,’ the state will not pay

Governor of New York. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday again blamed the federal government for failing to provide relief to state and local governments, as economic consequences come from the coronavirus epidemic, saying New York City’s loss is “Donald Trump’s loss.”

“We have suffered tremendous losses because of Kovid, we are not responsible for them,” Kuomo said. New York City has a budget deficit of 9 9 billion and the state has 30 billion.

“I don’t accept responsibility,” Cuomo continued. “I do not accept the basis that New York City or New York State should pay.”

He added: “We have done nothing wrong. The federal government should pay. The federal government was wrong. “

Cumo noted that U.S. Customs and Border Patrol control the country’s borders at airports. He said the federal government “missed that the virus went from China to Europe.”

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“How will New York City address this loss? We don’t. It’s Donald Trump’s loss,” Cuomo said. “New York State, New York City, won’t pay.”

Kumomo also said he met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Califo, on Sunday. Also talked about his work on coronavirus relief legislation.

Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steve Munuchi revived the talks on Monday as they tried to break the stalemate in the relief law after they passed the Carriage Act in late March. The pair spoke again on Tuesday and agreed to speak on Wednesday.

House Democrats on Monday unveiled a scaled-down Down Heroes Act, which includes an emergency માટે 6 billion emergency loan for state and local governments, well below the bill 1 trillion bill in the original bill.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said the biggest “stumbling block” in aid negotiations has been continued state and local relief. The Republican package does not include any new aid for state and local governments.

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But during meetings in August, Munuchi said 150 billion more funding was being provided by the administration.

Democrats rejected the offer, arguing that without more federal funding, state and local governments – which together employ about 23.2 million essential workers – would be forced to lay off workers and cut essential services. Republicans have argued that it is a “blue state bailout” for governments that say it was at an economic level before the epidemic hit.

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“We will not bail out long-running cities,” Meadows said.

Megan Henny of Fox News contributed to this report.