Cuo says the Apple Plus M Sbook Coop Pro laptop comes with a new design and MagSafe

On the left is the 2020 M-BBQ Air. On the right is the 2020 M-BBQ Pro.

Todd Hasselton | CNBC

Ming-Chi Kuo of TFI, one of Apple Pal’s top analysts, said in a note on Friday that Apple Pal will introduce two new Mac Kabuk Pro models this year with a new design with 14-inch and 16-inch screens and the return of the MagSafe charging ports. .

MagSafe charging was used in MagCab Mag design before Apple moved to USB-C charging in recent years. People like it because the cord pops up and pulls easily, preventing the laptop from being damaged if someone pulls the cord. Apple Play has recently revived the MagSafe branding with the iPhone 12 models, charging with a magnetic pad attached to the back of the phone.

“I haven’t changed the form factor design in five years.” Kuo said. “We believe that the launch of two new design MacBook Pro models in 3Q21 will attract the attention of consumers and increase the demand for replacement.”

Apple Corps’ revenue grew 28% year-on-year in October, when the company reported 2020 revenue in its fourth quarter. There has been a clear increase in demand as people work from home due to the constant spread of Covid-19. Apple Play also released the first computers with its new M1 chip in late 2020.

Kuo said Apple is considering getting rid of the Paul curved edge and will adopt sharp lines, which will make the edge look a bit more, like the iPhone 12, iPad Air and iPad Pro. Kuo said Apple will remove the Pull Touch bar, which allows people to tap shortcuts on the touch screen at the top of their keyboard.

“Taking advantage of Delo’s replacement demand for new models, we estimate that in 2021 the total shipment of Mac MacBooks will be 20 million units with a significant increase of 25-30% YOY,” Kuo said in a note.