Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak talk about Apple’s silicon transition, lack of Boot Camp support, and more

Bold FireballJohn Gruber normally presents a live episode of his The interview program podcast during WWDC week, with senior Apple executives digging into some of the details on Apple’s top announcements, and while this year’s fully online format of the conference changed things a bit, Gruber still He was able to get Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak to participate in a video podcast.

The 90-minute discussion touched on a number of topics, including a brief statement by Joswiak about Apple’s relationship with developers in light of recent concerns sparked by the email app controversy “Hey,” a deep dive into Apple’s perspectives on macOS Big Sur and the Apple Silicon Transition and shorter things on iPadOS and Apple Pencil, iOS 14 and privacy.

Some of the more interesting parts of the discussion include thoughts on all the different ways Apple now has for developers to create Mac apps, including Catalyst, UIKit, AppKit, and SwiftUI, as well as Apple’s emphasis on virtualization with Boot Camp. disappearing by Apple’s silicon-based Macs.

While avoiding the direct mention of Windows, Federighi acknowledges that it will not be able to boot directly into x86 operating systems on these Macs. As things stand, Windows may not be directly compatible with Apple Silicon Arm-based chips via virtualization, but Federighi made it clear that Apple is well aware of the situation, not pointing out what developments may appear on that front line. next months