COVID-19 vaccine side effects Advocate asks Kendall Medical Center to temporarily suspend vaccination; Schedule to resume Sunday

Libertiville, Ill. (WLS) – Advocate Kendall Medical Center in Libertyville will resume the Covid-19 vaccination on Sunday after a temporary halt on Friday night following reports of a reaction from some healthcare workers to the shooting.

Advocate ur Rora Health said in a statement that four employees experienced adverse reactions, including tingling and elevated heart rate, shortly after vaccination.

“These four team members represent less than 0.15% of the approximately 1,000,000 people who have been vaccinated so far at Advocate Health Rora Health. At the moment, we have three members of the team sitting at home and doing well, and one Additional treatment is being provided, ”advocate Ora Rora Health said in a statement on Friday.

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Advocate officials announced Saturday afternoon that the Libertyville location will resume vaccination by Sunday.

“The safety of team members guides us in our decision making, and our review has confirmed the quality of the vaccine batch and our protocols for vaccine delivery. Vaccination, “according to a statement from Advocate ur Rora Heath on Saturday.

They said four cases appeared to have a severe allergic reaction. They added that the employee is doing a good job and has been discharged after being monitored overnight.

The other three workers are said to be doing well at home.

While reactions are an expected side effect, the advocate said the pause would give them more time to understand what could be causing the reactions.

“With great caution, we have extended the post-vaccination assessment period for all individuals at all of our sites by 30 minutes, exceeding the CDC / ACIP recommendations,” officials said. “While vaccination is not mandatory for our team members, we continue to encourage our team members to get it because we believe in its safety and effectiveness in preventing COVID-19 and will help end this epidemic.”

Eight other advocates in Illinois, Rora Health Sciences, as well as three locations in Wisconsin, are being vaccinated, the statement said.

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