Covid-19 vaccine: Riverside County officials correct appointment error but supply is an issue

Riverside, California. (KABC) – A new report suggests that Covid-19 has been vaccinated in the last number in California compared to other states, which is in percentage.

According to Bloomberg’s Vaccine Tracker, California has administered only 37.3% of its vaccine supply.

Locally, Riverside County residents are among those who have expressed their frustration at not being able to sign up for a vaccine appointment on the county’s website.

“I don’t lose sleep over it, but let’s put it this way, I’m tired of composing,” said Manifa’s Cynthia Edwards, who says she’s not only in the ++++ category, but she’s also a substitute. Teacher.

He said every time he tried to sign up for a vaccine appointment on the Riverside County website, there was no one available.

“I know people who are 20 years younger than us who think they’re getting it,” Edwards said. “I don’t know what’s going on here.”

“I called my own healthcare provider, and they said they’ve got 2,000 vaccines. They’re running an algorithm lottery so they can determine which of their 10,000 patients are most at risk of getting it.”

Riverside County officials admitted an error on their website that caused it to crash shortly after an appointment was made available Thursday afternoon. They say that when an error is determined, it is not entirely under their control.

Dr. Gee with Riverside University Health System. The website is partly partnered, partly by the county and partly through the state platform, said J.F. Leung. “The state platform is in the process of being updated.”

The pilot program is being investigated by two other counties to see if improvements to the platform are beneficial and will increase the stability of the County COVID-19 vaccine websites, Leung said. But the biggest problem is not the website itself, but the limited supply of vaccines.

“The main challenge we currently have with the vaccine is supply,” Leung said. “If you look at the state of California, so far the total allocation is only enough to vaccinate 5% of the population.”

Riverside County has announced an additional 10,000 vaccination visits that will be available online this Saturday afternoon. Those appointments can be made on the county’s website here.

Residents of San Bernardino County can apply for a vaccine appointment at the county site here.

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