COVID-19 spread in the plane despite negative testing, the study says

Covid-1 spread among many passengers on New Zealand long-haul flights – a potential transition passenger who tested negative before departure, a new study says.

Passengers wore masks and gloves despite the outbreak of an 18-hour flight from Dubai in September, New Zealand’s health ministry said in a report on Friday.

The infected passenger tested negative using the PCR test within 48 hours of departure and did not experience any symptoms.

But it was later determined that four other passengers on the flight had been infected by the passengers.

“Combining data on disease progression, travel dynamics, and genomic analysis, we conclude that at least four in-flight transmission events of SARS-Cavi-2 occurred,” the report said.

The report said the passengers were inside each other’s four rows – and tested positive during the country’s two-week mandatory quarantine during landing.

Passengers on the plane wait for takeoff.
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Using a genetic sequence, the researchers determined that they contained a strain similar to the virus, which was discovered in Switzerland, the country of origin of the suspected initial case, the report said.

Health officials said it was not clear if the passengers were infected before, during or after the solution – but findings still indicate that there was a risk of traveling during the epidemic.

The report said the outbreak showed the potential for the spread of SARS-Cavi-2, which is linked to air travel.

Officials and health experts have warned that a negative test could provide a false sense of security – the news comes as Americans travel to coronavirus testing sites this week and gather for Thanksgiving.