Court closes with Municipality, orders Kriner’s Diner to stop indoor dining

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) – On Friday, Judge Eric Aarseth issued a temporary injunction, ordering Kriner’s Diner to close its covered grounds, in accordance with emergency orders from the City of Anchorage.

Kriner’s attorney, Blake Quackenbush, argued that the order in question had not been efficiently amended, and urged the court to rule against temporary orders to stop the company eating.

“The court can and should not enter into a restraining order unless constitutional rights are exercised by that court,” Quackenbush said. “Implementing a temporary restraining order before that provision is made will bring Kriner out of the company, but for the help and donations of other people. We do not ask for it, we ask for the right to work. ”

Municipal Attorney Ruth Botstein opposes that the Municipality of Anchorage should not bear the burden of proving whether one outbreak of COVID-19 was linked to Kriner’s Diner.

“If that was the way these public health rules were made, it would be too late,” she said. “If we wait until a specific restaurant or bar or other company has a demonstrated outbreak, it is too late to prevent this damage from occurring.”

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