County COVID closed for Christmas instead of administering the vaccine

Officials in Williamson County, Texas, received 900 doses of Moderna vaccine from respondents earlier Wednesday, but decided to stop without administering them for Christmas, the Texas Tribune noted.

Williamson County Judge Bill Gravel on Friday criticized county public health officials, saying they should have given hundreds of vaccines immediately instead of shutting down Friday.

The batch of vaccines was for firefighters who provide mortuary or death services and school nurses.

County officials plan to begin vaccine administration early Saturday morning. They tried to say that the vaccines came before the prescription and worried that there would be confusion if they administered it immediately.

“My response is simple: hogwash,” Gravel told KXN on Friday. “The Cedar Park Regional Medical Center is ready to deliver the vaccine in an hour. St. David was ready to launch it in an hour. “

“We’re sitting on something that could be a Christmas miracle.”

On December 24, Williamson County recorded its 200th coronavirus death.