Coronavirus: Summer travel is expected to decrease by 15% as concerns about COVID-19 rise amid an increase in cases, hospitalizations

LOS ANGELES (KABC) – With the increase in coronavirus cases in some parts of the country, there are renewed concerns about domestic travel.

Governor Newsom tells CA County to shut down again amid COVID-19 surge

This time of year would normally mean busy roads and airports for the summer travel season, but not this year.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused the summer travel season, which is generally in full swing around July 4, to decrease significantly.

AAA reports that car travel is expected to decrease by 3.6%, air travel by 71.7%, and train, cruise, or bus travel is expected to decrease by 84.9%.

The drop in air travel is expected to cause the fewest air travel in the past 20 years.

The Southern California Auto Club anticipates that road travel is the preferred form of travel for residents of California, Oregon, Washington State, Hawaii, and Alaska.

However, car experts hope that there will be far fewer vehicles on the roads. Overall, vehicle trips are projected to decline by 17%, the lowest since 2013.

New security measures are being implemented at travel centers across the country, including Los Angeles International Airport, where thermal cameras are used to verify passengers’ body temperatures.

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