Coronavirus in Oregon: 388 new cases reported in the state, officials warn transmission could increase

The Oregon Health Authority announced new suspected or confirmed cases and three new deaths with Covid-1 Saturday, a drop from the previous day, but state public health officials say there could be skyscrapers in the near future. Weeks.

The state has a total of 660 deaths from the three COV deaths reported on Saturday.

New state modeling released on Friday shows that if the current rate of transmission continues, Reg Reagan’s case count is expected to turn around the daily average of 34 from from around 57070 by November. But most of the cases have not been detected, state health officials have predicted. The actual number of infections will be about 2,200.

Should the rate of transmission be increased, officials say the number of new cases reported each day could reach 740 or a total of 3,400.

State epidemiologist and state health officer Dr. Dean Sidlinger urged reg Regonians to take seriously measures such as wearing masks, practicing social distance, and gathering in small groups.

“The virus is extraordinarily contagious and it will be more important to take preventive measures as the weather turns and we head home.”

Sidlinger and other officials have personally warned against Halloween parties or trick-or-treating, although public health officials have stopped advising against reunions with extended family or friends as the holidays approach. Officials say the epidemic is in its eighth month and they know people are “tired.”

Where new cases are by county: Baker (1), Benton (2), Clockmas (30), Columbia (4), Koos (5), Crook (5), Dachetts (13), Douglas (7), Jackson (24), Josephine (2), Klamath (1), Lane (48), Lin (8), Malhaur (13), Marion (49), Moro (1), Multnomah (95), Poke (8), Umatila (13), Sangh (1), Vallova (1), Vasco (1), Washington (50), and Yamhill (6).

New casualties:

The 618th casualty is an 83-year-old Multnomah County man with underlying conditions. He Oct Oct. Oct tested positive and died in October at Portland Adventist Medical Center.

The 639-year-old is an 83-year-old Low Lowe County woman with underlying conditions. She tested positive on September 14 and on September 29.

The 620th killer is a 92-year-old Marian County man who had underlying conditions. He Oct Oct. Positive tested positive in October and died at home on Oct. 16.

Not yet included in the death count released Saturday by the Oregon Health Authority, he is a prisoner at the Snake River Correctional Institution in Malhair County. The Department of Corrections announced on Saturday that a 55- to 65-year-old man died at a local hospital with Covid-19. He is the 15th prisoner to die after testing positive for coronavirus.

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