Cops had to rescue Lost Singer on his own belongings

– It’s funny now, not so much at the time. Country singer Kane Brown pokes a little fun at himself by telling how he “got lost in my backyard” and had to be rescued by police. It’s a pretty good story. Brown explains that he recently purchased a property on 30 acres in Nashville and went out for what should be a quick exploration on 4x4s with two friends, per Folk. They are hopelessly lost in the unknown forests. Finally, Brown mentioned his compatriot Ryan Upchurch, who lives relatively close by. “He finds me with his buddy and now 3 5 of us are lost,” Brown writes. Today it was dark, and one of the people with Kane, his friend’s girlfriend, started “freaking” because she has asthma. At that point, they called the police, who eventually arrived to save the day.

Another strange component: Brown writes that another group of friends from Upchurch also went hunting and started shooting. “The cops come in and hear the gunshots and think we’re shooting at them,” he said. “We yell at her and tell her we’re not armed and make it out.” Upchurch, for his part, also took to social media to defend his friend and himself, reports US Weekly. ‘When you’re in pitch black and your eyebrows are open and you can not even see your hand in front of your face and you’re on thousands of acres you’ve never been before, it’s kind of hard to find your way out “, he writes on Instagram. (Kane’s property is in fact part of a much larger piece of undeveloped land.)” It’s obvious that some of you have never been lost in the woods before. “(Read more strange things stories.)