College Football Play Playoff Predictions, Obstacles: Expert Selection for Alabama vs. Ohio State National Championship Game

The college football season has been long and short for some, but no matter what, it ends on Monday night in Miami Gardens, Florida. Hard Rock Stadium marks the spot where No. 1 Alabama will face No. 3 Ohio State in the College Football Playoff National Championship. This is not the first time these schools have met in the event, but it is the first time they have played for a national title.

In 201 In, the first year of playoff fun in the Sugar Bowl semifinals, No. O Ohio State upset No. 1 Alabama, -34–35, the bookies won the national title by beating Reg Reagan next week. They have not returned to a title game since. Meanwhile, this will be Alabama’s fifth appearance in six years, with the Crimson Tide looking to win their third crown since 2015.

So, what is going to happen this time? Alabama is a big favorite in terms of spread, and we should expect to get a lot of points if we look at the total. Let’s take a look at all the available bets and find out what is best.

No. 1 Alabama vs. Ohio State

Latest hurdles:

Alabama Crimson Tide-8.5

Spread (Alabama-8): Open line at -7.5 with Alabama but the game has grown as it gets closer. The differences are due to both public action (casual, public bettors like it) and news of the game being postponed. Earlier in the week it was reported that Ohio State is dealing with COVID-19 issues that could leave it short-handed to play on Monday. Ohio State Athletic Director Jean Smith said the concerns that schools want to play as scheduled have gone away a bit. Still, if the game is played Monday, we don’t know how it affects the Ohio State roster.

Will bookies start with many keys? And if so, what conditions will affect it? There is information to be had when handling a game, but it is also important to remember that the state of Ohio is not the first to deal with such issues. The bookies have postponed three games this year due to COVID-19, and one of them (against Illinois) was due to an outbreak on their roster. He returned to Michigan State a week later, missing half his offensive line and other players, and won 52-12. A few weeks later, in the Big Ten championship game against Northwestern, the bookies were losing star players such as receiver Chris Olav and linebacker Baron Browning. Then they also won, not so sure.

Against Clemson even last week, it was Ohio State without some players that could win 49-28 for sure. Still, as good as Clemson can be, Alabama is a completely different case. Assuming a large number of rosters are not missing, this is the Ohio State team capable of giving Alabama problems. The Crimson Tide has been a juggernaut throughout the season. His offense is led by three players who finished in the first five of the Heisman Trophy with wide receiver Divonta Smith as well as quarterback Mack Jones and the winner chasing Nazi Harris. They also have one of the best offensive lines in the country, and oh, they could get WR Jelen Waddle back this week as well.

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So, long story short, you’re not going to stop crime in Alabama. It will earn at least 35 points, and your only hope is to include as many plays as possible. At the end of the day, you need to outscore Alabama, which is not only difficult because the crime has spread, but also because its defense has been terrible. It ranks 13th nationally with 19 points per game, although more advanced defensive metrics such as SP + rank it fifth nationally.

If you look at how Alabama has performed this season, the two games stand as a struggle. The first was back in October when Ole Miss put up 48 points, and the last was the SEC Championship Game when Florida scored 46. There are two offenses that can lengthen the field vert with their passing game. Notre Dame faced guilt last week. This Ohio State offense – involving QB Justin Fields and WRS Chris Olav and Garrett Wilson – can do just that.

Moreover, Ohio State’s offense runs the ball more efficiently than any of those teams. The emergence of the Oklahoma Transfer Train train preaching (rush of 63 63 yard yards and four touchdowns in the last three games) has added another dimension to Ohio State offense and carries a lot of weight off Justin Fields ’shoulders. The bookies will be able to move the ball over the Alabama defense. That’s why, with the information now available, Buccaneers covers the spread. Pick: Ohio State +8

Total (75): If we look at these two teams, this season has been an over-smart bet for both. The over is 7-5 in Alabama’s 12 games, and it’s 4-2-1 in Ohio State’s seventh. What is more relevant to this discussion, however, are the issues involved in the games.

Alabama has averaged 67.2 points in 12 games this season. In just three of Alabama’s games, the total is more than 75 points. It had 52-24 wins over Texas A&M, 63-48 wins over Le Le Miss, and 52-46 wins over Florida. This will be the fourth time Alabama has played a total of 0 in the 70s, and they will enter All Miss, Florida in three of the three. Third, against Arkansas, finished 15.5 points higher than the estimated total.

On the Ohio State side, he averages 65.4 points in games. Three of the seven games the Bookies have played have also gone above this 75-point total. A 49-27 win over the Rutgers, a 42-35 win over Indiana, and a 49-28 win over Clemson last week. This is not a feat in any of these games. There were a total of 69 runs in the semifinals against Clemson last week.

Now, if we ourselves move on to the College Lage Football .L Playoff National Championship, we see that this is the highest total for any title game in the seven years since the event. The previous high was in the 2014 game between Ohio State in Oregon, which was set at 72.5; The teams finished well below him with 62 points. The average total for the first six title games is 57.8 points, and the average title game ended with 64.8 points. It was the only title game to end with more than 75 points when Alabama beat Clemson 45-40 at the end of the 2015 season.

These are two famous crimes capable of matching this feat, which is why the total is so high. But considering the history and the stakes, the smartest game to play here. It will probably be a horrible ride, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Pick: Less than 75

Extra sides: When I have the Ohio State full-game spread covering, I like the value of Alabama in the first quarter. All season long, Ohio State has been a slow starting team in the first quarter, and it leads in the second quarter. In the first quarter, the Bookies offense ranked 10th nationally, earning 10.4 points per game; However, the defense ranks 40th, allowing 4.9 points. In the second quarter, Ohio State ranked third nationally with 14.9 points, and the defense jumped to first national level, allowing just 2.9 points. Compare that to Alabama, which ranks third nationally in points scored per game in the first quarter (12.2) and allows only 3.1 points on defense. Based on those trends, odds favor Alabama taking the lead after the first 15 minutes. Pick: Alabama-0.5 first quarter

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