Church in California maintains emergency services amid coronavirus pandemic, and maintains restraining order

A California pastor has reached a temporary emergency room for temporary restraint issued Friday in which he was told to abstain from holding additional worship indoors, CBS Los Angeles reports. Pastor Rob McCoy of Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Newbury Park held services Sunday afternoon contrary to Friday’s order and other health missions aimed at the distribution of COVID-19.

On Friday, Superior Court Judge Matthew Guasco of Ventura County passed the restraining order requiring Godspeak to shut down its services inside and relocate its congregation and oblige kings to wear masks and social distances.

Ventura County moved to get the temporary restraining order because McCoy said he would not stop holding services inside because he felt worship was essential.

McCoy opened his church first on Palm Sunday with social distance, allowing members to take communion with long, visible lines.

In late June, the church opened for indoor services, as did others throughout the state, but Godspeak refused to stop indoor services, even after Governor Newsom ban on large gatherings last month.

Pastor Rob McCoy seen in a screenshot of a video posted by Godspeak Calvary Chapel.

Godspeak Calvary Chapel

McCoy posted an update Saturday, indicating that the church would be open, but warned those wishing to attend that they could be cited. According to McCoy, the restriction order supports that the first 1,000 people who have to apply for services could get quotes.

Police were on scene when services were held inside. Roughly 100-150 people gathered to support protests and support the pastor’s decision, according to the Sheriff’s Office. No arrests were made outside and it is unclear if McCoy or any of his accomplices were apprehended at this time.

A court regarding the confirmation order is scheduled for August 31st.