Chicago Cubs announce initial 60-man “summer camp” roster

Hello, the Cubs announced their initial roster of 60 men after all! I wonder if we’ll learn later what the heist was.

Regardless, here is the starting group, with 39 players headed to Wrigley Field, 11 players headed to South Bend, and with 10 spots still open:

Overall, I don’t see any shock right away, though some names I would otherwise have expected are missing: Zack Short, Hernan Perez, Tyson Miller, Cory Abbott, Manny Rodriguez, Justin Steele and others who will come to me while I digest it. As expected, top prospects Brailyn Marquez, Miguel Amaya and Brennen Davis have some time at South Bend, as does infielder Christopher Morel. Very interesting. The child has a serious advantage.

In addition to those prospects, the other guys who are slated for South Bend are pretty straight guys – you would call if you had a need. There are no draft picks in the group at the moment, and only a modest prospect pool, but again, there are currently 10 open spots. We could see more additions in the coming weeks.

Over the course of spring training, part two, I guess we’ll call it “Summer Camp” now, you’ll see some players on the major league side move to South Bend as they cut. The big league roster for opening day will be 30 players.

Much more on the list, now that we finally have it, soon. LET’S GO.