Charges against two women after a brawl at Arizona Bath & Body Works

They were surrounded by soap – but still fighting dirty.

Two women were charged after a wild-on-camera brawl at Arizona’s Bath and Body Works on Saturday, a report said.

The scuffle at the Sk employees Tsdale store began when a woman was accused of cutting a line, before employees intervened before the brawl, police told the Arizona Republic.

“She was very close to an African American woman with whom she had children,” witness Genevieve Denslow told the newspaper.

“Race was not an initial problem but racist slurs were called during the fight,” said Denslow, who recorded part of the fracas.

Which was the footage Posted on Twitter By Denslow, before starting work with a woman and employee, when another worker joins and wrestles the customer on the ground.

“Oh my God!” Someone can be heard saying that all three were knocked to the ground.

With another woman coming to the customer’s rescue, two other workers stepped forward.

“Let’s leave her!” According to the video, a woman screams.

Another woman, then one of the workers, starts wrestling before the male employee breaks them down, screaming, “Enough!”

“From now on,” the man told the two women.

“She attacked me,” the first woman replies.

“You attacked him,” the man replies.

It was not immediately clear which two women were charged in the melee.