Chad Mendes shoots again ‘Michael Eyeping, the’ wooden eye that has an asshole ‘

If you had Chad Mendes against Michael Bisping on your Fighter Beefs BINGO card, take out your dauber, because that just came.

However, we assume that you probably did not have that one, as it is quite wild and random. But Mendes made an exception on Wednesday to Bisping’s recent comments about her suspension from the US Anti-Doping Agency. USA In 2016.

And saying he dropped the microphone when he was done was an understatement.

In his “Believe You Me” podcast, Bisping recently said that Mendes commented that a two-year suspension from USADA was for growth hormone. He returned in 2018 with a detention victory over the Myles jury, then a loss to Alexander Volkanovski, who became a featherweight champion. Mendes announced his retirement after that loss.

So on Wednesday, Mendes posted his rebuttal on The Blue Corner in the MMA Junkie blog space. We don’t take it too seriously, and you shouldn’t either. If you come to complain that something you read here is not hard news, wait for the previous sentence to be repeated in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.