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How to Make a Beautiful Texas Seasoned Blackberry Galette

[ad_1] While we are all familiar with raspberries and blackberries, there is one delicious and wild Texas cousin that grows along thickets and grasses – meet the blackberry. Common throughout the northern hemisphere and considered a beneficial herb, the leaves can be used to make teas, and the blackberry, smaller, …

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Financial advice to sharks in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic

[ad_1] The coronavirus-induced financial shutdown has left millions of people without jobs in the US. And business owners struggle to stay open and unsure of how to move forward. Because of this, money-savvy merchants on ABC’s “Shark Tank” shared a number of tips during Friday’s episode, along with learning how …

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How to rethink your wedding

[ad_1] Let’s be realistic. If your wedding was planned as a big gathering in the next two weeks (probably even months) and you don’t want to cancel, now is the time to move on to a virtual ceremony. We have thought of ways to virtually re-plan your wedding and involve …

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