Chipotle is offering 100,000 bitcoins

No, the chain does not accept cryptocurrency as payment for its Mexican dish. Instead, Chipotle is handing out ઇન 100,000 in bitcoin on Thursday to celebrate National Burito Day. According to Chipotle, for the first time in the competition, a U.S. Bitcoin has been donated by the restaurant chain. To …

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What is Archegos and how did it reach the stock market?

According to people familiar with the transaction, investor Bill Hwang caused a storm in the stock market last week when his firm, Archegos Capital Management, and its banks began reducing their holdings in blue-chip companies, according to people familiar with the transaction. The sale has sent shifts to individual stocks …

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NASA wants to help private space stations land

NASA is taking further steps to support new commercial space stations in the Earth Orbit (LEO). NASA held an online online industry briefing on Tuesday (March 23) about “commercial LEO locations” as the agency considers its next crew research measures at locations close to Earth. With International Space Station (ISS) …

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