Chipotle is offering 100,000 bitcoins

No, the chain does not accept cryptocurrency as payment for its Mexican dish. Instead, Chipotle is handing out ઇન 100,000 in bitcoin on Thursday to celebrate National Burito Day.

According to Chipotle, for the first time in the competition, a U.S. Bitcoin has been donated by the restaurant chain.

To win Chipotle (CMG) Fans can visit the website buritos starting Thursday to try to guess the valid six-digit code. Each player gets 10 attempts during the competition, which runs between 9pm and ET. True guesses can win up to 25,000,000 in Bitcoin … or free burritos, as Chipotle also feeds in 100,000.

In total, 53 people actually managed to win Bitcoin: 50 fans would win $ 500 in cryptocurrency, and 3 would win ,000 25,000. And 10,000 fans will win a burrito.

As part of the campaign, Chipotle is partnering with Stephen Thomas, a San Francisco man who lost a 2 220 million bitcoin celebrity because he can’t remember his digital wallet password. He claims to have made “peace” with significant damage.
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“If players fail in their ten attempts and suffer the same fate as Thomas, they may be surprised and delighted with Chipotle’s special offer,” the company said in a press release.

Chipotle confirmed to CNN Business that this is not an April Fools’ Day stunt, even though the contest is taking place on the same day.

The “Bitcoin or Buritios” promotion is another example Bitcoin (XBT) Mainstream appeal. Tesla (TSLA) Now accepts Bitcoin as payment for its vehicles, for example, and Uber (UBER) And MasterCard (M.A.) He also said he plans to start accepting bitcoin. The price of one bitcoin was about 59 59,000 as of Tuesday morning.