Canada’s Nantario says it is in the third wave of Covid-19 – and officials are concerned that the vaccine rollout may not happen quickly.

Dr. David, Chief Medical Officer of Wentario. “We’re in the third wave. The numbers are slowly rising, they’re not going as fast as the models predicted,” said David Williams. He added, “Now we are starting to see an impact on our hospital hospital rates, our ICU admissions have increased again, our hospital admissions are increasing again.”
That’s great news for a province where most residents have been in a state of lockout since the end of last year.

Canadian public health officials also warned that the vaccine rollout would not stop as quickly as there could be a potentially devastating third wave in other parts of the country, further emphasizing the hospital’s capacity.

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Covid-19 activity has been at an all-time high since mid-February, and average daily case counts are now rising, Theresa Tame said Monday.

“As vaccination programs gain momentum, it will be important to maintain high precautions. Any simplification of public health measures to detect different types of anxiety should be done gradually with increased testing, screening and genomic analysis.” He said in a statement.

Since the onset of the epidemic, there have been over 8,000 confirmed or confirmed cases of coronavirus in Canada, and more than 4,000 deaths have been reported.

Public health officials have been warning for weeks that there is a risk of a third wave being run in Canada by variants that could be more transmissible and in some cases more serious.

Vaccine shortage

Last month, as the country faced an acute shortage of vaccines, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned that a third wave was likely.

“We have to continue to take drastic measures for public health, because otherwise we could see a third wave that is worse than the second or the first,” Trudeau said during a February update to the Covid-1 update. No. You want to hear “

On Monday, he said vaccine shipments would continue to rise and Canada is expected to receive 2 million doses this week, just one week after four vaccine candidates were approved for emergency use.

But officials across the country now face the possibility that a significant number of vaccines will not be distributed in a timely manner to avoid hospitalization and death.

Also Monday, the province of Alberta said it would postpone reopening because it also saw an increase in hospital admissions due to Covid-19.

“Half of the people in hospital beds for covid are under 65 and about 90% of those in the ICU for covid are under 65. Most of them would not be there if they were vaccinated at this time,” Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shendro said Monday. Covid-19 said during the amendment.

When the U.K. While the B1.1..7 variant, first found in Alberta, is leading to an increase in cases, the health minister also blamed the federal government for failing to provide timely vaccinations to many people. Serious consequences.

Canada received a boost from the Biden administration last week when the two countries struck a deal that would see the US release its 1.5 million Astrazeneca doses into Canada in the coming days. U.S. AstraZeneca is stockpiling the vaccine until it receives FDA approval, which is not possible until at least next month.