Call of Duty: Black Ps actor talks about casting his role again

Call of Duty: Black Ps Cold War will bring back many of the previous characters in the series, including Alex Mason and Frank Woods – but the parts have been rearranged. Now, the actor behind Frank Woods in previous Black PS games has opened up in his frustration as he gets bored again.

In the long video, Burns opens up about what it looks like someone else is playing his character. Although he is diplomatic about the new actor (who has not been named in public), he is also clearly disappointed.

In an excerpt posted on Reddit (and taken by Eurogamer), Burns talks about his previous performances and how he can inform his acting about his knowledge of the character’s backstory.

“I’m sure this story will be f *** bright,” Burns says, but thinks it could be better despite being connected to it. “I weigh 80,000 pounds to bring this thing. And I’m not going to shoot behind whatever they get there, but I don’t have a background with Woods. I’ve met this guy, man, for 11 years.”

“It’s not that this guy won’t do a great job … but I would have crushed this thing.” He continued. “I wish I had a shot at it.”

This decision stems from the fact that, while Frank Woods has been a character in multiple Black Ps and Call of Duty titles, the Cold War is typically a sequel to the first Black Game Ps game – so that the character can confuse things rather than understand history. Than informing them. But then, considering how bizarre the plots in the black ps ps series can be, it’s hard to say what the case will be.

Alex Mason’s original actor, Sam and thing Rington (avatar) also does not return. Meanwhile, a very strong Ronald Reagan has been placed as the next president.

Call of Duty: Black ps Cold War will feature open-end missions with multiple endings. The game will release on November 13 for PS4, Xbox One and PC; PS5 and Xbox series X versions are also coming.

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