California, Texas and Idaho record daily highs in new COVID-19 cases on Monday

California, Texas and Idaho recorded their highest daily counts of new COVID-19 cases on Monday as the southern and western states work to contain their outbreaks.

The two most populous states in the US USA, California and Texas, continue to see increasing case numbers after most states loosened their coronavirus restrictions last month. Both states had broken their records for the highest number of new cases last week.

California documented 5,813 new cases of COVID-19, the highest since the state documented 4,250 new cases on June 17. On Sunday, California confirmed 3,953 new cases and 4,011 new cases on Saturday, according to the COVID monitoring project.

Texas reached 4,760 new cases within the state on Monday, an increase from 3,292 and 4,272 counted on Sunday and Saturday, respectively. The Lone Star state also broke its record for newest cases last week with 4,645 registered on June 19.

Idaho, on the other hand, experienced a jump on Monday counting 242 new cases, after confirming 19 on Sunday and 135 on Saturday. Its previous record for new daily cases was reached on April 2, with 221 new cases documented.

In total, California has confirmed 178,054 cases, Texas has 114,881 cases, and Idaho has 4,006 cases. States have seen 5,515 deaths, 2,192 deaths and 89 deaths, respectively.

Counties containing major cities are experiencing the most cases and deaths in every state, including Los Angeles County in California; Harris County, which contains most of Houston, and Dallas County in Texas; and Ada County, which has Idaho’s capital Boise.

Several other states have reached their highest daily number of new cases during the pandemic in recent days, including Oklahoma on Sunday. Other states that documented their highest daily counts on Saturday include Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina and Utah.

The news of the largest daily increase in new cases is presented as the leading expert in infectious diseases Anthony FauciAnthony Fauci Night Health Care: Trump Refuses to Say If He Slowed Down Coronavirus Testing | COVID-19 cases in the United States are increasing, marking an ugly contrast with Europe | Trump health officials will testify about the continuing dangers of the coronavirus pandemic Trump health officials will testify about the continuing dangers of the coronavirus pandemic 12 Texas bars temporarily lose alcohol permits for violating coronavirus restrictions MORE has called recent spikes in cases “disturbing”.

“However, in other areas of the country, we are now seeing a disturbing increase in infections that seems to be a combination, but one thing is an increase in the spread of the community. And that is something that really concerns me.” Fauci said.

The United States is documenting about 30,000 new cases per day after previously counting about 20,000 per day before last weekend.

The Trump administration has attributed the highest number of cases to the increase in evidence, although the evidence has remained relatively stable, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.