Caesars Entertainment Announces Mask Requirement on All Properties

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Caesars Entertainment Corporation has announced that everyone who is indoors on their properties through the Caesars network must wear masks at all times, except when eating or drinking. The updated mask policy is effective June 24, 2020 at 12 PM PST, and applies to all employees, vendors, contractors, guests, and bystanders on properties. Previously, all employees plus board game guests had to wear masks at Caesars properties.

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“We promised that Caesars would continue to evaluate the latest recommendations, guidelines and medical science regarding the COVID-19 public health emergency and modify our improved health and safety protocols accordingly,” said Tony Rodio, CEO of Caesars Entertainment. “As a result, we are immediately demanding that everyone on our properties wear masks, because scientific evidence strongly suggests that wearing masks and practicing social distancing may be the most important deterrent to spreading COVID-19 from person to person,” he added.

Caesars will continue to implement all of the improved health and safety requirements in its revised operating plans. In addition, the Company will take steps to ensure that everyone within its properties wears a mask. Anyone who refuses to wear a mask, upon request, will be instructed to leave the property.

The universal mask requirement will apply to all Caesars businesses currently open in Louisiana, Mississippi, Iowa, Missouri, Nevada, and Indiana, as well as tribal properties in Arizona, California, and North Carolina. The mask requirement will also apply to additional Caesars properties as they reopen in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois and Ontario. Caesars will continue to open properties in line with regulatory approvals and customer demand.

Improved health and safety protocols include more frequent cleaning and disinfection. Caesars has also implemented a health assessment program for all employees. For more information on the Company’s health and safety protocols, visit: