BYU is not an option for Big 12 if necessary for the season

The Big 12 Conference has yet to make a decision on a fall soccer season despite the other power-five conferences moving to conference-only times.

Oklahoma only has nine other members in the Big 12 and regularly plays a nine-game, round-robin schedule before a conference championship game. To match what the other power-five conferences are doing with a 10-game conference schedule, they would need another team.

The best idea to mention was BYU. And that didn’t even make it to the social media buzz phase this time.

During the past two rounds of realignment for Big 12, BYU was a common name, but the conference never got to the point of inviting or accepting Cougars’ offer to join.

This would have made life a lot easier for Big 12, but BYU is more than 1,000 hours from Oklahoma City.

The conference is in a peculiar situation where they will need each university to play a non-conference game, find an eleventh member for a season, or have two games against an opponent for each Big 12 team.