Roma neighborhood in Yambol sprayed with disinfectant by helicopter | Health News from Bulgaria and the world


The Yambol Roma neighborhood “Raina Knyaginya” will be disinfected from the air. It will be sprayed with disinfectant from a helicopter, city mayor Valentin Revanski told bTV. Disinfection will be done at night, when it is assumed that there are no people outside.

The Raina Knyaginya neighborhood has been blocked by the police and the gendarmerie for 5 days due to outbreaks of coronavirus. Although the neighborhood is quarantined, positive coronavirus cases do not stop. During the past 24 hours, 11 new infections were reported. In the district hospital, the two greedy wards are crowded with patients, also housed in intensive care.

The doctor shortage forced the mayor to ask for help from the local medical community, but did not receive it. His reaction was this:

“It turned out that there are enough medical personnel in the YAMBOL DISTRICT according to the documents. But in practice, not everyone wants to get involved in the fight against COVID-19.”

At the request of the MHAT attorney “Saint Panteleimon” – Yambol, Dr. Dimitar Runkov held a meeting today with medical personnel working in the “School and Children’s Health” sector in the municipality of Yambol.

At the moment, the hospital has sufficient construction resources and beds, but unfortunately there is a shortage of staff.

During the meeting, I asked those present to help the district hospital at this difficult time for everyone who works there. We know that it is extremely difficult for all of them, but they still remain in their jobs, realizing the risk they are running and taking responsibility for society and the city.

According to Dr. Runkov, St. Panteleimon Hospital currently needs around 8 medical employees. He hoped that at least some of those present at the meeting would agree and help.

Unfortunately, I realized that everyone had given up.

I understand your concern for your own health and that of those around you, but the same concerns are for the hospital doctors, who have worked in this way for 30 days.

Perhaps there is something wrong with this part of our state administration as well. In accordance with the complementary agreement of the collective labor agreement in the Health sector 2018, employees of the child and school health system have paid leave until children and students return to schools and kindergartens, which will last at least a few months .

Certainly, there are many hardworking people who wish they had such working conditions. I don’t want to blame anyone because they are not to blame, but for me this behavior by the state administration is unacceptable. Therefore, the hospitals are doomed to close and are deprived of medical personnel who could assist in the fight against KOVID-19.

It turned out that, according to Yambol district documents, there are more than 300 registered doctors, that is, there are enough medical personnel. But in practice …! Again, if there are doctors who can help the Yambol hospital, then respond! Your colleagues, who are currently showing true heroism, need help and support!

I want to specify that with the support of the Municipality of Yambol, everyone would receive funds from the Municipality of Yambol for the work in the hospital, as well as an additional payment from the MHAT “St. Paltaleymon” budget.