Bruce Cassidy Public Message to Bruins During Second Intermission Vs. Hurricanes | Boston Bruins

What Bruce Cassidy said to the Bruins during the second intermission worked.

Boston exploded for four goals in 5:44 in the third period in its 4-3 Game 4 win over the Carolina Hurricanes on Monday night. The Bruins now have a pivotal 3-1 series lead.

Things started to take a turn after that Terry O’Reilly-like hit from Charlie McAvoy to Jordan Steel helped light a fire under Boston. And it was like a completely different team once ran the third round.

But Bruce Cassidy’s message was simple: Just stay in the game.

“No, I mean, it’s typical, a few things we can do better for crime, like I said that sides behind it do not change, that we thought to be a better approach than a man shaking one on one those it’s halfway up, “the head coach told reporters during his Zoom postgame press conference. ‘That seemed to work better the other night to be honest with you, got a lot of final views, that worked pretty well in the double-overtime game, so they obviously made an adjustment to not leave us time and space to have. That we play a little close to the net. The wraparounds, Reimer plays deep in his net, that’s a difference with him then (Petr) Mrazek, so some of those wraparounds might lay some pucks out there or come out the other side like Cliffy’s goal, he might not be able to get out and challenge as Mrazek could, so just a few small adjustments. And other than that, just stay in the game, keep playing, maybe you know the envelope is a bit offensive. You are a few down, have trouble scoring, so you do not go out and gamble, but you have to be proactive offensive and it worked in our favor. ”

It did indeed.

The Bruins have a chance to close out the series Wednesday as they play Game 5 at 4 pm ET.

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