Brewers confirm “a small number” of positive COVID-19 tests

During a Zoom media conference, David Stearns and Rick Schlesinger laid out what to expect for next season. Interestingly Stearns said that members of the Brewers organization had tested positive for COVID-19. He did not indicate whether it was the players, the staff or both that tested positive.

Stearns continued to talk about the precautions the organization is taking and the protocols and players and education staff will take to stay healthy. Some of the precautions will include admission tests for COVID-19 upon the player’s arrival at Miller Park, as well as exams before taking the field for his first full team practice on July 4. MLB has also instituted behavior rules like no spitting and no high-5s.

With the number of players who have already tested positive for the coronavirus, MLB and the Brewers are likely to have players on the disabled list to quarantine, or potentially worse, much. MLB has established guidelines when a player or staff member tests positive or shows symptoms.

Covered individuals with symptoms will be isolated and receive an expedited COVID-19 test. The team is also responsible for follow-up contact, so any other covered person or team personnel who have had close contact with the symptomatic person will also be examined. In addition, the equipment premises that were occupied by the symptomatic person must be disinfected.

Manager Craig Counsell seems to anticipate a scenario not “if” but “when.”

With COVID-19 already at the Brewers clubhouse, it is indeed cause for alarm. Right now, most, if not all, cases are asymptomatic. The hope is that no Brewer players or staff (or any team) will be hospitalized for this horrible disease. As the coronavirus continues to spread and infect its players and staff, it will be interesting to see how MLB reacts to it.