Brewers announce starting group of players

The Brewers announced their initial player pool for the 2020 season on Monday. Pools can hold up to 60 players, and only players in a team’s group will be eligible to participate in summer training camp or regular games / postseason. Teams are free to change the composition of the groups as they see fit, but once a team’s group reaches 60 players, a player must be eliminated (released, exchanged, resigned, etc.) to make a new addition. . That player is no longer eligible to return to the same team in 2020.

Not all players within a team’s group are fined for MLB playing time, of course. Most teams will include well-considered but still far-flung prospects as a means of getting reps coached without the intention of leading them to a major league diamond this season. Here you can find a comprehensive review of the unique set of 2020 rules.

Here are the 45 players in the Brewers’ starting group (* indicates the player is not on the 40 player list) …

Right-handed jugs

Jugs for lefties