Borat congratulates ‘Premier Trump’ on the victory of the great debate

The Trump campaign was not just a group Premature congratulations Former Vice President J Biden on his discussion “wins” the President.

45 minutes before the two men clashed on stage, a mysterious new Twitter account representing the Republic of Kazakhstan posted a video with the message, “Congratulations to the great friend of the Kazakh people. RealDonaldTrump Today for the winning discussion! Impressive and exciting result for a strong premiere that always puts America and Kazakhstan first! ”

True Baron Cohen’s Borat – who was confirmed to be starring in the sequel to the classic film this week – can be heard the president saying, “Donald Trump, the strongest premiere in history, he’s not racist!”

“Black guys love them so much that they’re on their knees in front of them,” Borett continues as photos of NFL players kneeling for racial justice appear on the screen.

As Jeffrey plays footage of Trump partying with Epstein Inn, he says, “He’s a protector of women.” Several times during the video, Boret insists on Trump “never having a stroke” while the video shows him struggling to lift a glass of water with one hand.