Bolton says Boris Johnson is “playing Trump like a violin”

Former national security adviser John BoltonJohn BoltonBolton: Trump ignored early warning signs of coronavirus pandemic claimed in a new interview that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has played President TrumpDonald John Trump: Trump rally triggers quarantine of dozens of Republican Secret Service agents: Trump needs new plan Trump faces ObamaCare court deadline as political terrain changes MORE “Like a violin.”

Bolton told Channel 4 News in an interview published Thursday that there was a “radical change” in the relationship between him and the UK Prime Minister when Johnson replaced the former Prime Minister. Theresa MayTheresa Mary May Bolton’s book portrays the incredibly uninformed post-Brexit ‘Trump No’: Watching Britain move forward bravely Job loss should tell Democrats not to stray too far to the left MORE.

“The reason this is positive for Britain is that Trump cannot distinguish between his personal relationships with a peer leader and the actual state of national relations between two countries,” Bolton said, citing the positive relationship of Trump and Johnson. .

However, Bolton denied that Johnson was “absorbing” President Trump, adding: “I have known Boris before he was prime minister.” I think he has a good sense of humor, and I had the feeling that behind those bright eyes he was also playing Trump like a violin. ”

Bolton also called for continued trade negotiations between the United States and the United Kingdom, adding that “I think it is very important for both countries that Brexit be successful.”

A round of trade talks between representatives of the United States and the United Kingdom began earlier this month, although the Trade Representative Robert LighthizerRepublican Senator Robert (Bob) Emmet Lighthizer warns that a quick vote on the new NAFTA would be a “big mistake.” Pelosi questions USMCA deal in 2019 Pelosi appears hopeful in new NAFTA deal despite tensions with White House MORE He told the House Ways and Means Committee that it would be almost impossible to move the agreement to Congress before the November elections.

Bolton has raised a list of allegations in recent weeks over the publication of his new memoir “The Room Where It Happened.” He alleges that Trump asked Chinese President Xi Jinping how China could assist him in his reelection efforts.

Bolton also calls Trump “incredibly uninformed” and claims he committed multiple impeccable crimes. The White House attempted to block the publication of Bolton’s book.

Bolton also stated in the interview published Thursday with Channel 4 News that Trump urged him to “go to television and say that he should get the Nobel Peace Prize” and that Trump “seriously thought he should get it.”

Bolton also told the media that before joining the Trump administration, “I thought I could make a contribution. I thought I could make the overall process more regular, and that that would be useful for the country as a whole and for philosophy , direction and security of the country I believed in. ”

“I think a lot of other people joined the administration with that same focus, and a lot of people left the administration realizing that we were wrong,” Bolton continued.

Trump has repeatedly lashed out at Bolton for publishing the book. On Tuesday, the day the book was published, Trump tweeted, “Creeperster Creeperster John Bolton is a poor man who should be in jail, with money seized, to spread highly classified information for profit. Remember what they did to him the young submarine sailor, but they did nothing to Crooked Hillary. I ended up forgiving him. It wasn’t fair!