Blackpink Releases New Single ‘How You Like That’: SEE

It is always a good time for the ladies of Blackpink to completely trample it. The four queens, Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé and Jennie, returned with their first single since last year. Kill this love, “How You Like That”, Friday June 26, bright and early for your American fans. But honestly, who needs coffee when they give us such a life? “How do you like that?” they ask, although it doesn’t matter. “You are going to like it like that!” The video follows the women through various extraterrestrial, ethereal, and extraterrestrial scenarios, until they put on their scammer looks (sequined shorts, a massive fur coat, and dripping jewelry) and get into those dance moves. The video has already broken YouTube’s premiere record with 1.65 million concurrent viewers. Blackpink’s wig specialists don’t work overtime for nothing. “How You Like That” is the first single from their first full-length album, which comes out this September after their second single in August. Since returning from the break, the girls have been busy and busy with a reality series and a collaboration with Lady Gaga, “Sour Candy.” There’s a lot more glamor (and hopefully more rapper, Lisa) where this came from.