Bills ‘Josh Allen is a beast’

Ezekiel Elliott, the All-Pro running back for the Dallas Cowboys, is the last NFL player to applaud Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

Last season, Elliott had a front row ticket to Allen’s job. The Bills outscored the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day, 26-15. It was one of Buffalo’s biggest wins of the season on a national stage.

Recently, Elliott, while in quarantine, was streaming some video games from her social media account on Twitch. The website allows people to tune into other people’s screens and whatever they are broadcasting. As they watch, viewers can ask questions in a chat while the transmitter, in this case Elliott, has a camera.

While playing, Elliott took a second to spy on a question from a fan. Apparently, a fan asked Elliott why Allen has more touchdowns than him in the past two seasons. Elliott’s response was only direct respect.

“Because Josh Allen is a beast,” said Elliott. “How do you like that answer?”

See Zeke’s full answer below via Bradley Gelber of Bills Wire:

Actually, overall, Elliott has more rushing touchdowns, from 18 to 17. But what if we go to an average per game? Allen missed four games against Elliott’s lost game in that time period. But it’s still high praise for the Buffalo quarterback, as he’s clearly building a solid reputation throughout the NFL.

In that Bills-Cowboys game, Allen had 19 of 24 passes for 231 and a touchdown. On the ground, he had 43 rushing yards and one more score on 10 carries. On one of those carries, you may remember that the “beast” in Allen is in the center of the stage.

Remember when a loose ball on the first try turned into extra effort on the first try and an all-time fist pump? Beast is right: