Bill Pullman celebrates “Independence Day” by telling us to wear “Masks of Liberty” – Deadline

In the 1996 movie Independence DayPresident Thomas J. Whitmore, also known as actor Bill Pullman, tried to rally his irregular troops against an alien invasion.

On Independence Day 2020, do it again. But this time, he hopes to inspire a battle against an invisible enemy by using masks instead of fighter jets.

Pullman appeared in an online PSA video of Alamo Drafthouse asking people to wear what he called “masks of freedom” when they are in public. He sees the masks as a way of limiting new COVID-19 cases and taking all of us free to go to bars, restaurants, schools, and, of course, movie theaters.

“He may not be your president anymore,” says Pullman. “But I must tell you that July 4th is still my favorite party and always will be. I’m going to wear my freedom mask every time I go to public places. “

The speech was interspersed with a few quick shots selected from the Independence Day movie, slashing Pullman apparently taunting the attack on the alien ships by waving a toy plane at the PSA.

“I’d rather you see me fly that plane on the big screen,” he joked, and concluded, “I’m Bill Pullman, and I approved of this message.”