Bill Maher reveals the madness of Rudy Giulia’s Hunter Biden Smear campaign

On friday night Real time Host Bill Maher weighed in on Trump’s restless, sweaty, and hour-long Reggaest with NBC Thursday’s Sapna Guthrie, in which the president defended the light-mad conspiracy theory QN, claiming that Democrats and Hollywood killed children and Decided to retweet (and fear for their medicine), as well as another insidious conspiracy theory about bin Laden raids.

“Trump was the only surprise,” Maher offered. Trump defended this crazy conspiracy theory by retweeting – did you see this? And then Obama killed Seal Team Six to cover it up. Trump defended this, prompting an undisputed voter in Bridgeport, Connecticut to ask a follow-up question: Are you on salt in the bath?

But the main focus of Maher’s monologue was the “October Surprise” courtesy of the incredible outline. New York Post, Rudy Giuliani, and perhaps the Russians, allege that Biden’s troubled son, Hunter, had improper contact with Chinese and Ukrainian officials.

“It simply came to our notice then. Trump people now ‘October surprise’ … have you seen this? It’s Hunter Biden’s laptop. Hunter, Noor-do-well son of JB Biden, has this laptop with apparently serious evidence – perhaps content about the influence-paddling contained in his emails. And apparently, like this, Hunter was trading in his name, selling his father’s selling cess, accepting money for nothing – what Don Jr. calls it. Living the dream, ”Maher explained.