Bill Maher delivers the ultimate insult to Kelly Conway on ‘Real Time’

On On the evening of January 7, a day after the army of Trump extremists, at the urging of the President – the U.S. on a mission to overthrow the government. Capital was attacked, Congressmen were massacred and a police officer was killed in the process, Callien Conway issued Rambling statement On Twitter.

In it, Trump’s most loyal and semi-trusted advisers called the incidents “outrageous and unforgivable,” followed by his predecessor “condemning the violence, accepting the certified election results and committing to a peaceful transfer.” ‘Power’ to the Biden-Harris administration.

The wildly false claim met with a nearby universal raised eyebrow, including Kelly’s own teenage daughter, who said to her mother (via ticket ok), “How do you feel about your army being riotous?”

Well, Callianne – who at one point discovered the terrorist attack in the “Bling Ling Green Massacre” – Real time with Bill Maher on Friday night For its 19M Season premiere. The ABC show of Keliane and Maher is back in history Politically inappropriate, And, perhaps because she can no longer work, the comedian had a few tough questions in the direction of professional ob bsfector and lie-teller (between Smile and Yuk-Yux, of course, their lack is the same).

After mocking his inaugural attire, Kellyani confessed that he would have tried to send a message to Trump on Jan. 6, as his followers (again, at the time of his provocation) were storming the U.S. Capital, when he did nothing at all.

“I want the president to talk to the people before they get to hell,” Conway said, offering a fur, “I reached out to him. You have to tell them to get out. I don’t know what they’re doing, why they’re there, but tell them to get out

Maher then responded: “You must accept that the reason why they were is that he never accepted the election.”

“Well, I did a long time ago,” Conway replied to Ollow Lata. “I think the frustration for people like me is that the last two months, let’s just say during November to January from now on, reviewing the accomplishments, don’t spend much on talking about the accomplishments. He built the largest economy we have. ”

Well, now they are no better! Many of them have died.

“Did he make it? That was pretty much it BuiltWith Trump’s resignation, 10.7 million people are out of work, a number that remained unchanged from December to January, as Trump spent most of his time watching cable news, mostly complaining about the election. , And yes, the U.S., including its Vice President Mike Pence. Promoting violent attacks on the Capitol and Congress.

Kelly offered a more incredible defense of Trump’s presidency, in which he “rebuilt the military” (it was never in crisis) and moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, if there was any empty signal.

After that, she delivered a kicker: “I mean you can’t deny that a lot of people are better.”

“Well, now they’re no better!” Maher exclaimed. “There are many of them Dead

Yes, though, Kelly wishes the last two months of Trump’s election had been spent admiring his list of so-called achievements, but, the time to curb a terrible epidemic would have passed better had Trump and his minions helped run wild. For their inaction – one that has claimed as many as 400,000 lives and led millions to poverty. Shame, really.

And Maher, instead of admiring her attire or wishing her a “happy birthday” at the end of their chat, could do a good job of holding her feet in the fire.

Hopefully, for America’s sake, this is the last time we’ve seen the two of them joking on TV (or watching Kelly on TV).