Biden campaign says 35 percent of staff are people of color

Senior staff members include senior advisers, deputy campaign managers, senior consultants, and department heads.
The campaign said it is still hiring and will add additional leaders throughout the campaign.

Biden was pressured by Amna Nawaz, correspondent for “PBS NewsHour” during a presidential town hall on Saturday about the diversity of her campaign. Biden said he would release the statistics after the city council, which was organized by the American vote of the Asian and Pacific Islanders.

“My administration will resemble the United States, not just my staff; the administration, from the vice president to the cabinet members to the main actors within the White House and the court, “Biden said.” It will be a reflection of who we are as a nation. “

Biden was specifically asked about the leaders of the Asia-Pacific islands on his staff. The campaign later revealed that senior staff from the Asia-Pacific Islands includes its chief financial officer, chief operating officer, national director of voter protection, chief digital cabinet, chief digital officer and alternate chief.

The campaign did not release its diversity statistics disaggregated by race or ethnicity. The campaign partnered with the company Inclusv, which works to ensure that people of color are hired at all levels of politics, this week.

“Inclusv is partnering with Biden’s campaign to help them connect with more talents of color interested in joining their team,” Alida Garcia, the founder of Inclusv, said in a text to POLITICO. “We will conduct outreach webinars on how to get a job in the campaign, amplifying the roles open to our membership and looking for resumes for your team.”

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign reached approximately 38 percent of people of color, according to Garcia

“While the Biden campaign is behind Clinton’s numbers, there are many opportunities to overcome that while continuing to work in the battlefield states,” said Garcia.

President Donald Trump’s campaign also released its diversity statistics on Saturday. 52% of full-time staff are women, 56% of senior staff are women, and 25% of senior staff are people of color. The percentage of full-time staff of people of color is not available, the campaign said.