Best Samsung Prime Day Deals: Save 31 350 on Galaxy S20 Ultra, Save 31 on Galaxy and Watch Ch3 and more

This is part of the story Amazon Prime Day, CNET’s guide to what you need to know and how to make sure you get the best deal.

Of Amazon Prime Day Has arrived. The long-awaited two-day shopping event runs from the end of Wednesday, and one of the top brands you’ll find deep discounts is Samsung. Korean tech giant offers exclusive deals on a full range of its product line, with flagship devices like it. Galaxy S20 5G phone (In all its iterations, including Ultra and Plus) and Note 20 On baseline models like the Galaxy A line.

Aside from the phone, you will also see sweet deals on the smartwatch Galaxy Watch 3 And See active, This Galaxy Buds Plus Headphones, Samsung’s Android tablets such as the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus, And giant TV. Best of all, most of these deals are available on both Amazon and other authorized Samsung retailers.

Here’s a look at some of the best Samsung deals you can find during Prime Day.

Sarah She / CNET

The Galaxy 20 Ultra is Samsung’s top tire in its phones. It rocks a 108-megapixel camera with a capacity of 100 max zoom. It also has 120 Hz 6.9-inch, improved battery life, 128 GB storage, more processing power and 5G to make it a beast of the phone. The regular price of the S20 Ultra is $ 1,400, but during Prime Day, the price drops $ 350 to $ 1,050. Read CNET’s review on Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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If the S20 Ultra is more than you need, you should check out the Galaxy S20 Plus and S20. Both have a 64-megapixel rear camera, wide and ultraviolet camera, 128GB storage, 12GB RAM, one speed processor and 5G internet capable. The difference between the two is minimal as the S20 Plus has a slightly larger screen and a larger battery. The regular price of the S20 Ultra is $ 1,200 and dropped to 900 900 while the S20 goes from 50 1000 to માન 750 during its Prime Day. Check out CNET’s review of the S20.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 was released last August, and it will already get a big discount for Prime Day. The Note series has many features like the Galaxy S20, but it has a beautiful 6.7-inch screen, Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and S-Pen style. The Note 20 Ultra has a big price tag and comes with a slightly larger 6.9-inch screen, a 108-megapixel camera, a little more battery life and additional video recording options. Read CNET’s review on Note 20 Ultra.

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The Galaxy & Watch Ch3 boosted its healthier lifestyle when it came out in August Gust. It now has advanced sleep tracking, blood oxygen level reader and improved fitness equipment. During Prime Day all types of mm1 mm watch will be closed at the same 31. Read CNET’s review of Galaxy Watch 3.

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If you want to immerse yourself in the smart wearable market, Galaxy & Active is the best place to start. It doesn’t have all the whistling whistles of the Galaxy Watch 3, but it does have a lot of fitness tracking options that make it a step up on other fitness devices. The Galaxy and Active Active is priced at $ 200 and will sell for માં 139 during the Prime Day event. Read CNET’s review of Galaxy and Active Active.

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Samsung’s response to Apple’s AirPods will see a drop in prices during Prime Day. Sound and battery life have been improved on the Galaxy Buds Plus, the non-plus version, and it also comes with an iOS app for using earbuds on Apple devices. The Galaxy Buds Plus is દરમિયાન 120 on sale, a standard તે 150 price tag. Read CNET’s review of Galaxy Buds Plus.

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Android tablets are still alive on Samsung. The Galaxy Tab B S7 is the latest tablet that comes with an 11-inch screen, with the S Pen and Dex option to turn the tablet into a laptop. Spend a little more on the T-S7 Plus to upgrade to a larger 12.4-inch screen. The discount of the Tab Tab S7 drops from 50 650 to 50 550 while the Tab Tab S7 Plus comes down to 50 750 from its regular price of 8 850. Read our imprint of the Galaxy Tab B7 Plus.