Bengals appears as the best option for Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick has enough talent to be on an NFL team right now. That is indisputable. The question, for the past three years, remains whether any team will give it a try.

Several weeks have passed since NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell issued a statement on racial injustice and police brutality. There has been no news about the league-wide interest in Kaepernick, but discussion about the teams acquiring their services has re-emerged. Goodell brought it up on Monday night on ESPN. “The return of sports “ special:

“Well listen, if you want to resume your NFL career, then obviously it will take a team to make that decision,” Goodell said. “But I’m glad about that, supporting a club that makes that decision and encouraging them to do so.

So are the Bengals a hot club to sign the former second-round pick? The Athletic’s Mike Sando listed them as one of the 10 teams that should chase Kaepernick.

Cincinnati Bengals: Ryan Finley is endorsing Joe Burrow. Adding Kaepernick would not threaten [Joe] Burrow’s status as the future. The Bengals scored 33 combined points in Finley’s three starts. Finley completed 47 percent of his passes.

Sando’s criteria to be one of the 10 teams has to do largely with having an uncertain situation of support. The consensus on Kaepernick is that no team would sign him to start, but there are numerous backup quarterbacks with worse resumes than Kaepernick’s.

Ryan Finley falls into that group, and therefore the Bengals were listed as such.

Finley has the benefit of being a sophomore, but he isn’t likely to be much more than he already is. He may not have much league experience, but he’s already 25 years old. For reference, the 2017 first-round pick Deshaun Watson turns 25 this September.

Replacing Finley with Kaepernick would give the Bengals a better backup in the team’s most important position, but the probability of it happening is not remotely high. Finley remains the player’s head coach, Zac Taylor, and the personnel department would like to see him develop in his second year, and his intentions not to give up on him seem as true as they can be.

Kaepernick will turn 33 in November and has played no NFL football since 2016. The former San Francisco 49ers star fabricated his own training last November after the league scheduled it on the condition that he sign a resignation proposal. of compromising responsibility. When Kaepernick saw the true intentions of the NFL, he and his team took matters into their own hands, but NFL reps could still see Kaepernick pitch for themselves.

The video released since training showed Kaepernick’s talent on the arm was still top-notch, but he remained unsigned the rest of the season. It is the latest evidence of his ability that we have seen.

Perhaps this continued public pressure will see Kaepernick finally join the league, but as Goodell says, it will be up to individual franchises to allow that to happen. Don’t expect the Bengals to be the organization that does it.