Bears QB drama: Ted Ginn makes a bold prediction about who will win the starting quarterback job in Chicago

Veteran wide receiver Ted Ginn signed with the Chicago Bears in April, and while he hasn’t yet stepped on the field for a single practice with his new team, it looks like he already has a sense of who is going to win the Bears start. quarterback job. During an interview on “Good Morning Football” on Wednesday, Ginn was asked for his opinion on the quarterback competition between Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles, and while some players may have sidestepped the question, Ginn definitely didn’t do that. Instead, the 35-year-old man gave his honest opinion on the situation.

“Right now, I think Trubisky is going to be our starter,” said Ginn. “And we will fight as much as we can for him.”

Well, well, well, that’s definitely an interesting answer. Based on what the Bears have done this offseason – traded for Foles and rejected Trubisky’s fifth-year option – it seemed like Foles might be the leader in the clubhouse going to training camp, but apparently Ginn is not having that vibe. based on what the team’s virtual offseason was like.

Although Ginn believes that Trubisky will win the job, the fact remains that he will make up his mind on the field. If Trubisky struggles during training camp or ends up throwing an interception with every other pass he throws during the preseason, that will open the door for Foles to take the job. Another thing that could happen is that BOTH quarterbacks could end up starting sometime this year. During a recent episode of the Pick Six Podcast, Kevin Fishbain of The Athletic, who believes Foles will start, explained why the two-quarterback scenario could ultimately happen.

“I’ve been saying throughout the offseason that I hope Foles is the type to win the competition,” Fishbain said. “But here’s my caveat: I don’t know if that means Nick Foles starts Week 1. I think Nick Foles will be the guy at some point. I don’t see any of the quarterbacks starting 16 games. I see both. starting games this year. “

If Foles wins the job, Ginn will be ready to throw his support behind the former Super Bowl MVP.

“We are going to fight as much as we can for any quarterback back there,” Ginn said. “And I think that’s why you bring your leaders and your veterans and different people to help that guy, regardless of whether it’s Nick or Trubisky. I’m willing to fight for whoever, I’m going to play for whoever and that’s it what you can really do. “

By the way, before Ginn gave his QB prediction, he noted that he’s only been on the team for less than two months, so he might not be the best guy to ask about the quarterback competition.

“I’m new, so I’m coming in. I don’t know who is supposed to be right or wrong,” said Ginn. “I’m coming in and making whoever’s back there the right person. Growing up in this league, going out as a rookie, playing for Miami and having the different types of quarterbacks that I’ve had, you’ve always been trained to go out there and make quarterback He’s correct, and that’s what I’ve been taught, and that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to go out there and try to make every quarterback correct, no matter who’s behind the wheel. “

The flip side of being new to the team is that Ginn offers a new perspective, so it might actually make sense to listen to his prediction. However, no matter who wins the job, it is going to be one step below what Ginn is used to.

For the past five years, Ginn has had the luxury of playing with some of the best NFL quarterbacks. In 2015, Ginn was part of a Panthers team that made it to the Super Bowl thanks in large part to NFL MVP Cam Newton’s game. From 2017 to 2019, Ginn was getting passes from Drew Brees. If the Bears quarterback game is only half of what Ginn has seen in the past five years, then Chicago should be in good shape for the 2020 season.