Ballets stolen from mailboxes are discarded on the side of the road in Washington, DC.

In a city east of Seattle, police said Friday that numerous mail ballots had been stolen from people’s mailboxes and had been placed elsewhere or discarded.

The city of Sammish said Friday that the post office fee had warned the Sammish police department that “opened or incomplete ballots were improperly placed in the mailbox going out.”

Police also searched mail bags containing ballots on the roads and in pits.

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The postal service delivered about 90% of the ballots at the convention on Thursday, and the carrier received discarded mail on Friday morning while delivering other packages.

Police are trying to get voters back to their intended recipients.

This is the latest in a series of accidents involving mail ballots as voters try to avoid polling stations during the coronavirus epidemic.

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Some 112 mail ballots were found in a dumpster this week in Jefferson, Ki.

A postal worker in New Jersey was arrested earlier this month for finding 1,875 pieces of mail, including 99 mail ballots, from a dumpster there.

Two postal workers were arrested and charged with throwing a mail this week in Pennsylvania’s decisive war state.

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Despite these problems, mail ballet seems to be mostly safe and fraud free. According to the Conservative Think Tank Heritage Foundation, only 208 of the 1,298 voter fraud cases in the last two decades relate to absentee ballots.

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