At least 85 people contracted COVID-19 after visiting EL Harper’s bar

A COVID-19 outbreak that started at Harper’s New Pub in East Lansing has now spread across the state, according to health officials.

Ingham County Health Officer Linda S. Vail told CNN that at least 85 people have contracted the virus from the reopening of the bar the week of June 12-20.

According to the Detroit Free Press, one of the sponsors of Harper’s from the Gross Pointe Woods area in southeast Michigan returned home unaware that they had contracted the virus at the bar and then had a huge party at their home, resulting in an increase in positive evidence in the area. The Grosse Pointe areas registered 12 positive tests on Friday according to Grosse Pointe Park Councilwoman Aimee Fluitt. That marks a jump of 600% of the total of two positive tests from the previous day.

Since then, Harper has temporarily closed to install new safety features, but county health inspectors discovered that the bar had met safety standards during its reopening.

It is not yet known whether any athletes from the state of Michigan have become infected due to the outbreak near campus. Two additional athletes tested positive for the virus one week after their initial negative test upon returning to campus.