At Baltimore Airport, the Spirit Airlines plane took off from the taxiway

An Airbus A320neo of Spirit Airlines got out of a taxi after landing in Baltimore on Thursday morning amid fragile conditions due to winter storms, an airline official said.

“After landing safely this morning and entering the taxiway, the nose wheel of Spirit Airlines Flight 6 the6 was slowly slipping on the grass while turning a corner and taking a taxi to the gate,” Spirit Rap Field Sutton told the Post in an email. .

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All 111 people were evacuated to the terminal at Baltimore / Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport after the crash at 18:18 a.m.

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The flight took off from Las Vegas at 11 a.m. local time and landed a few hours later, according to FlightAver.

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BWI Airport Said in a tweet Fire and rescue crews from K. N. Arndale County responded to the plane.

“Our winter weather team has worked all day to maintain a safe surface in the airfield and near the terminal.” The airport said in an earlier tweet Before the event.

“It is currently raining at BWI Marshall Airport, but the crew will be on standby this evening and this morning to maintain safe operation,” it added.