Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Hidden Own Bureau Hide A Great Series Call Lab Back

Evier Valhalla wearing the armor of people hiding in the killer cult

Bonus: You can also unlock this armored sunscreen suit along the way.
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In between One-Punch Man, Baseball man, And multiple nods to popular fantasy franchises, Assassin Creed Valhalla Originally the Metropolitan Museum of Easter Eggs. But the best surprise – or at least one that is sure to give the series fans the most pleasure – does not appear until the end of the game.

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A spoiler warning for killer cult Valhalla

Once you have spent about 10 hours in the game, Ravenhorp compromises, then you will be able to develop a whole host of new buildings. Creating the Hidden Own Bureau will give Hytham, Jr. Hidden One, a lazy new office. Since this is a video game, it will reward you with one mission: check out the six codex pages located in various Disseminated Hidden Own bureaus in England. As the name suggests, all of these bureaus are far from defeated. But it is worthwhile to try to find them, as doing so is an Easter egg starring Sivana Bike, whose player character Creed Origins of Assassin.

Each Hidden Ons Bureau features a mix of platforming and environmental puzzles. Flammable capacity, such as an inflammatory powder trap, can help take down any obstruction of the stone, but it is not necessary. There is always a jar of flammable oil somewhere nearby, and a convenient route that will allow you to take it to the barricade without being issued. (Whether you set yourself on fire in the process of blowing up the barricade is another matter.)

In other words, once you find a hidden bureau, you probably have a way to accomplish it. They are located in:

  • Ledester in the northeastern part of the city
  • Lunden, outside the East Wall
  • Cholesterol, through the southern hemisphere
  • Jorvik, near the theater in the south-west
  • Nowhere in the southwestern Gloucestershire in the middle of the forest in the middle of the Frykin
  • Winstrey, on the Westside, directly south of St. Peter’s Church

Once you’ve collected all six codex pages, go back to Ravenstrop and talk to Hyattham. It will introduce some imperfect thanks – honestly offensive to a work that can last for the entire duration of a bursting role-playing game – and mentions that the black-market goods predecessor, Radha, is an ancient piece of writing. That’s where things get real.

When you ask Radha about the script, she will blink: “Oh, that old wreck?” Yes, it’s just a short letter from one hidden to another. ”

Press him about how his hands got on her, and she would say, “Friend gave it to me for safety. Bike was his name. Egyptian ally. Very kind. “(One wonders how old Redda is. Beck’s exploits largely occurred during the Ptolemaic era, two thousand years ago, when Valhalla Set in the late 800’s.)

Bycake and Senu, at the root of the killer cult

Bayek and his faithful eagle, Senu, stood in front of the Great Sphinx of Giza.
Screenshots: Ubisoft

After your chat with Redda, he will pull back the curtain on the left side of his tent, revealing a podium on it. Anyone who played Creed Origins of Assassin The bike will immediately recognize him as a love letter written to his wife Aya. Neither is mentioned by name, but links – that it is written on papyrus; That it mentions some members of the Egyptian pantheon; That it discusses the supernatural beginnings, the original, if you will, Hidden Once es is a mass dead giver. And it’s not just some throwing part of the game’s text. It is read aloud Abubakar Salim, The artist behind the bike.

Oh, yes, and you get a little sweet, stylish armor (Hidden Ons Set with the proper name) to knock out every Hidden Ons Bureau. Equipped with two pieces, you will accelerate the killing damage, if you stay in the cover for 10 seconds or more. Equip all five pieces, and you’ll damage your headshot. The gear is aligned with the raven skill trees, so you will see even more state bonuses if you invest heavily in those knots. There’s also a dagger – the claw of a wolf aligned carpenter – that can do you serious damage with each hit.

That’s good gear, but the Easter egg is the real prize. According to Our very scientific method, Creed Origins of Assassin Is the best Cult of assassins Game. Personally speaking, it’s my favorite game in the series – a remake of it Assassin’s Creed Maybe the fundamentals that don’t shirk are all wrapped up in the emotional wall of the storyline featuring some strong characters from Ezio’s three-game escape. The sound of the bike was heard and immediately transported. Who knew that the Alexandria Library was just a stone’s throw from the hilly streets of old Londinium?

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