As the pandemic pay rise ends, HEB announces the largest pay rise in company history

A day after the completion of its temporary program to raise workers’ wages during the pandemic, HEB announced that it will make permanent investments in employees for double the amount over the next year, including increases.

The company released a statement on Monday announcing that it will move from the Texas Proud Pay program to “different permanent long-term investments” in employees.

While HEB did not specify a dollar amount, the investments will include “accelerated and improved wage increases” for hourly workers, according to the statement.

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The company instituted a paid medical leave for all workers and promised to pay anyone diagnosed with COVID-19.

“We believe this crisis will last indefinitely and our goal is to reward our partners for their hard work and dedication with more than temporary bonuses,” HEB said in the statement.

The Texas Proud Pay program began in March when the pandemic spread across the state, giving HEB “partners”, as the company calls its workers, a $ 2 per hour pay increase. It ended on Sunday.

In its launch on Monday, HEB said the new permanent salary increases are more than double that program for the average employee over the next year, and “considerably” more over the course of their careers.

HEB said the measure constitutes the largest salary increase in the company’s history.