Apple will extend the life of its AirPods by choosing when they charge

Apple is adding a new feature as part of its recently announced iOS 14 that will extend the life of its AirPods.

Apple says the operating system will reduce how quickly its AirPods’ batteries age by learning when to charge them normally and by predicting when to stop charging automatically. Instead of charging 100 percent right away, AirPods will stop charging 80 percent, then resume later, so they don’t stay 100 percent for an extended period of time.

Most modern devices, including Apple products, use a lithium-ion battery, and experts agree that you should not always keep them 100% charged; It can extend the life of a lithium ion battery by minimizing filling.

This is not a new idea: Many modern phones and laptops, including iPhones and MacBooks, offer a similar feature called Optimized Battery Charging, which can prevent your batteries from draining prematurely.

Possibly AirPods needed such a feature more than phones or laptops; While you can replace those other batteries at a service center, AirPods have been criticized for being disposable due to their “sticky, non-modular design.”