Apple didn’t tell you about the best part of iOS 14 for AirPods owners – BGR

  • Apple quietly added the optimized battery charge for AirPods to iOS 14, which could extend the life of AirPods by ensuring they don’t stay in the charger on full charge for too long.
  • Optimized battery charging learns your daily charging routine and delays charging beyond 80%.
  • This is one of several new features and improvements for AirPods in the upcoming iOS 14.

Apple lifted the veil on iOS 14 during its virtual speech from the World Developers Conference earlier this week, and, as expected, the upcoming mobile software update focuses more on improvements than additions. Widgets make the home screen more interactive and informative, the new App Library makes it easier to find the app you’re looking for, Picture in Picture improves multitasking, and pinned conversations simplify the Messages app.

But iOS 14 has many features that Apple didn’t have time to discuss during its keynote address and has yet to be highlighted on its website, some of which are now being discovered by iPhone users who have downloaded the developer’s beta version. For now, we wanted to highlight one that affects another Apple product, as iOS 14 brings optimized battery charging to AirPods after Apple introduced the feature on the iPhone with the release of iOS 13.

An iOS engineer at SSAS shared the following screenshot on Twitter after updating to iOS 14 on Tuesday:

This is how Apple describes the optimized battery charge for the iPhone on its website:

Optimized Battery Charging is designed to reduce battery wear and improve battery life by reducing the time your iPhone is fully charged. When the feature is enabled, your iPhone will delay charging beyond 80% in certain situations. Your iPhone uses machine learning on the device to learn your daily charging routine, so optimized battery charging is activated only when your iPhone predicts that it will be connected to a charger for an extended period of time. The algorithm aims to ensure that your iPhone is still fully charged when it is disconnected.

By bringing this feature to AirPods, iOS 14 could theoretically extend the life of your wireless headphones, ensuring that the lithium-ion battery doesn’t charge too quickly, and then stay in the charger on full charge for an extended period of time. Apple added a similar feature to macOS in macOS Catalina 10.15.5.

A feature that charges your AirPods battery a little slower might not be the most eye-catching addition to iOS 14, but if your AirPods last a few weeks or months longer, this might be one of your favorite elements of the update. Beyond optimized battery charging, Apple is also bringing spatial audio to AirPods Pro, new battery notifications to let you know when your AirPods need to be charged, the ability to automatically switch between audio sources, and the option to connect two sets of AirPods. to an Apple TV 4K.

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