Animals as Leaders’ Tosin Abasi is’ Bill + Ted ‘Air Shredder

The very expected Bill & Ted Face of Music arrives tomorrow (August 28) and if so, guitarist Tosin Abasi will play a key role as Leaders – official “air shredder.”

As you may remember from previous episodes of Bill & Ted’s franchise, the rock loving couple often play air guitar together, but you can actually hear the riffs as they do so. In Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, it was Steve Vai who handled the riffage. Now the stick (like guitar) is passed on to Tosin Abasi for Bill & Ted Face of Music.

Speaking about the decision to give the honor of “Air Shredder” to Tosin, Jonathan Leahy, Music Supervisor for Bill & Ted Face The Music explained: “Getting the right guitarist to handle Bill & Ted’s air shredding was one of my top priorities from the very beginning.The director asked me ‘what does shredding sound like in 2020?’ and my answer was ‘it sounds like Tosin Abasi.’ Tosin’s virtuosity is overwhelming and he’s leading the way for modern players who are pushing the limits of what an electric guitar can do. Everything about his approach, from the compositions to the techniques to the physical instrument itself, seems to have come through time machine from the future. “

The film’s director Dean Parisot added: “When Jonathan Leahy proposed to Tosin Abasi for Bill & Ted, I have to admit that my first reaction was ‘Are you kidding? Absolutely! But will he do it himself?’ Miraculously he did that, and as expected he blew us all away! Totally brilliant virtuoso and musician, an artist of the highest caliber, and a very nice man.I can not yet believe that he did, so thankful that he did. ”

Abasi kept his remarks short, but agreed with Bill & Ted’s mantra: “I’m glad I’m part of the Bill & Ted Universe. Most excellent! ”

Abasi and his Animals as Leaders fellow guitarist Javier Reyes are both on the soundtrack for the film. The pair joined forces with Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah ​​to form the musical basis for Wild Stallyns in the film, and to perform the track “Face the Music”. The soundtrack will also arrive tomorrow (August 28).

In other news like Animals as Leaders, the band has re-signed with Sumerian Records. The group is currently working on their fifth studio album and the first under their new contract.

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